Monday, December 27, 2010

Harajuku 原宿

I lable my self as a Harajuku Barbie , simply because Harajuku is my style .

Harajuku is the name of a small section in Tokyo , it is around the JR Harajuku station .

There are many conservitive people in Japan , Harajuku is where the "different" type of youngsters gather.

Harajuku is considered the place to find the latest fashion , art &+ trend by some.  
Since there are many styles in the "latest trend," there is probably no single Harajuku style -- many new styles are born, and many die away while other styles stay, and maybe become the mainstream in a few years.

There is also a Harajuku brand that sells clothes , bags , assecories , fragrence stuff like that .  Gwen Stafani is one of their designers. 

And Yes, there are so many types it could make your head spin.
Here's a list of just a few, as Harajuku is the subculture mecca for Japan.
Gothic Lolita, (frilly dresses, cute girls)
Ganguro/Kogal/Gyaru, (white eye makeup/lipstick, California street walker style.)
Cosplay (dress up like your favorite character)
Visual kei (Freaky J-punk style. Think David Bowie from Labyrinth meets Marilyn Manson and then spawning.)
Decora/Kawaii (Lots of cute accessories, stickers, fluffies, toys... just raid your little sister's dress-up trunk)
There's also a type of guy that dresses up in flashy women's kimonos and try to look feminine.
There are so many different kinds, that basically you could come up with your own and parade around Harajuku and when people ask you what style you are, you tell them your own!

I think Harajuku is any style you weird kind of style you make it . Its all about expressing you self even if you have to color outside the box.

Nicki Minaj claims her self also as a Harajuku Barbie :


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